Women’s History Month: Change your profile to a woman who inspires you!

Women have always played an important role in our nation’s history. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we invite you to change your profile picture on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to a woman who inspires you or has made a positive impact in your life! Whether it’s a woman you know personally or well-known public figures, women play an important role in our lives. Share her story with the world. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #extraordinarywomenofhistory


NEH Media Projects: Production Grants

Don’t miss out on this funding opportunity for your film, television, and radio projects! NEH Media Projects: Production Grants is accepting applications for consideration. The Media Projects program supports film, television, and radio projects that engage general audiences with humanities ideas in creative and appealing ways. All projects must be grounded in humanities scholarship in disciplines such as history, art history, film studies, literature, drama, religious studies, philosophy, or anthropology. Production grants support the production and distribution of films, television programs, and radio programs that promise to engage a broad public audience. Deadline: January 11, 2017 for Projects Beginning August 2017. More info: https://www.neh.gov/grants/public/media-projects-production-grants