The Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund – Apply now

The Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund will provide successful applicants with a development grant of up to $10,000 CDN which could reflect up to 100 per cent of the development budget. Grant money must be spent in the region on development activities and pre-production. Eligible costs include research, development of a script and story proposal and production of a teaser or trailer. Other eligible costs may include production of pitch and marketing materials, community engagement strategy research, as well as distribution strategy research.  Application deadline: August 18, 2017. Apply now:


Looking for funding for your film? The Women’s Film Institute has compiled a comprehensive list of funding opportunities. When you make a gift in any amount today, you will receive the complete list of 200+ funding opportunities in your inbox.

Ava DuVernay plans to distribute & support films by women & minorities

Ava DuVernay announced Tuesday that she’s widening the scope of her company and relaunching it as Array, to support women and minority filmmakers. The focus of this long awaited project will distribute films via arthouse theaters as well as on streaming platforms. More info:

Filmmaker Abigail Disney shares her passion for documentary filmmaking

timthumbAbigail Disney is an American filmmaker most known for her socially themed documentaries. Disney’s directorial debut The Armor of Light is a documentary that follows the journey of an Evangelical minister (Reverend Rob Schenck) trying to find the courage to preach about the growing toll of gun violence in America.

In this podcast episode, Scarlett Shepard (Founder of the Women’s Film Institute) speaks with Abigail Disney about The Armor of Light as well as Disney’s passion for documentary filmmaking and filmmaking process. Disney offers her advice on filmmaker distribution and networking. She also discusses the available funding opportunities for full-length non-fiction films from her production company, Fork Films. Fork Films supports filmmaking projects that promote peacebuilding, human rights, and social justice with particular emphasis on those that bring women’s voices to the forefront.

More information about Fork Films:

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