KBLX Cares – Women’s History Month – March 24, 2017
Scarlett Shepard, Founder of the Women’s Film Institute talks to KBLX Veteran and Community Activist Sterling James about how she started the institute, San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival and digital media mentorship program for girls. Women’s Film Institute has transformed from a three-day festival into a thriving global network of individuals, professionals, and organizations dedicated to advancing equity for women and girls while working toward bringing greater diversity to the film and entertainment industry.

Women’s Equality Day  – August 26, 2015
The Women’s Film Institute co-sponsored the West Hollywood City Council for an empowering and inspirational event commemorating the 95th anniversary of the certification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted women the right to vote in the United States. The celebration featured an address by special guest speakers Gloria Allred. The Women’s Film Institute was proud to be a partner and curate short films for the event. (Featured in the photo is Scarlett Shepard, founder of the Women’s Film Institute with Gloria Allred)

big_logoRefinery29: The Definitive Ranking Of Female Buddy Comedies
Hot Pursuit is the latest example of what we’re praying is a changing tide in Hollywood. The very existence of movies like Bridesmaids and The Heat explodes the idea that adventures only happen to men with women on the peripheral. According to Scarlett Shepard from the Women’s Film Institute, these movies serve as proof that “women aren’t just fabricated to serve as the damsel in distress or as a punch line of a joke in male buddy comedy plot lines.” Read more:

Scarlett Shepard, Executive Director of the Women’s Film Institute, talks to Culture Connect TV about how she started both WFI and the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival and her current passion Generation Herstory.

SFIWFF Unveils 2014 LINEUP of Fiercely Independent Films to Commemorate Women’s History Month
. Read more:

True Blood” Actress/Director and Rising Women Auteurs at SFIWFF. Read more:

SFIWFF 2012 Opening Night: The Education of Auma Obama
Big names also mix with no-names at the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival, in what’s become a matter of tradition as well as principle. Okpako’s feature-length documentary shares tonight’s opening-night spotlight with “Making Herstory: Young Women in the Director’s Chair” (5:30 p.m. at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center), a program of short films by next-generation filmmakers. The weekend festival includes events designed explicitly to allow mid-career directors to share tips, advice, and painfully accrued wisdom to their sisters on the way up. Check the statistics on the paucity of female directors in Hollywood and it’s clear that community organizing is still needed in a major way. — By Michael Fox, Film Critic and Journalist

Executive Director, Scarlett Shepard, shares her inspiration for SFIWFF with Indiewire 
Guest Post:  Why I Started the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival. The genesis of founding the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival started when I took a Film History II class in 2004 while earning my film degree at San Francisco State University. Read more:

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