herstory_web_finalIn 2006, Women’s Film Institute launched HERstory Media Arts Project (HMAP), an interactive Out-of-School Time Program that provides mentorship, hands-on training and media literacy education to girls (ages 12-19). HMAP fosters academic enrichment, experiential learning, life skills, socio-emotional and workforce development during after school hours, weekends, and summers.

HMAP workshops provide training and support for girls to become civically engaged and assume leadership roles in their schools, communities, and families. Women’s Film Institute has collaborative relationships with a number of community partners and have presented workshops with Girls, Inc. of Alameda County, TILT (Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools), Soroptimists “Live Your Dream” Girl’s Self-Esteem Conference, and OWN IT! Your Body, Mind & Life Conference hosted by Senator Mark Leno.

Current workshops:

Session I: Discover your Superpower! 
If you could have a superhero power, what would it be and why? This interactive workshop will feature multimedia from diverse writers, comics, and filmmakers. The session will encourage students to discover their full superpower potential. Students will watch film clips, participate in individual and group writing exercises, and more. The workshop will foster self-esteem, team building, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Session II.  Design your own superhero! Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your superhero into reality. Learn how to design your own superhero, storyline, and musical score. Working collaboratively, students will bring 2D drawings to life using animation techniques. Using the Superpower FX app, iMovie apps, and imagination, students will bring their unique characters to life. The workshop will engage students in leadership development, including hands-on technology training, creative expression, critical thinking and career exploration.

Women’s Film Institute provides workshops to classrooms, student groups, and after school programs. Cost depends on the number of workshops your school or organization schedules, and the number of students you have per classroom. We will work with you to create a program that meets your needs and budget.

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