SF Women’s Film Festival

Women’s Film Institute (WFI) is proud to present the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival (SFIWFF). SFIWFF has a long tradition of providing the community with some of the best films directed and co-directed by women from all over the world. 
SFIWFF film screenings serve as a catalyst for creating and facilitating dialogue through the power of independent filmmaking, and represent a range of perspectives, both locally and globally.

SFIWFF is a vital and much-needed community forum that is widely reviewed and attended. The festival celebrates the exceptional contributions of women in the world of cinema, and represents a convergence of excellence in filmmaking from around the globe.

SFIWFF 2017 is on hiatus, call for entries is now closed. Call for Entries will reopen in Spring 2018.

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Here are just a few examples of what people are saying about the SFIWFF:

        • “Dynamic! Intimate experience! Deeply moving films!”Joi
        • “I rated the EVENT a 5-Star! The experience of being at this festival opening night is ALWAYS great! “Joey
        • “FABULOUS! FABULOUS! This was a great reminder to me of the amazing, moving and very professional work that is being done by independent women. Bravo!” – Nancy Webster Ware
        • “Big names also mix with no-names at the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival, in what’s become a matter of tradition as well as principle. The weekend festival includes events designed explicitly to allow mid-career directors to share tips, advice, and painfully accrued wisdom to their sisters on the way up. Check the statistics on the paucity of female directors in Hollywood and it’s clear that community organizing is still needed in a major way.” — Michael Fox , Film critic and Journalist
        • It was very informative and entertaining. I definitely came out with a sense of wanting to make my own movie. Women directors ROCK!”Ubuntu

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