542063_3871202386676_594854232_nWomen’s Film Institute was founded in 2004 by filmmaker, activist and community educator Scarlett Shepard. Shepard’s goal was to build upon the success of the inaugural San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival and expand it’s programming year-round. Women’s Film Institute has transformed from a three-day festival into a thriving global network of individuals, professionals and organizations dedicated to advancing equity for women and girls, while working toward bringing greater diversity to the film and entertainment industry.

The institute supports its mission by presenting the annual San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival, HERstory mentoring program for young women (ages 12-19), and a variety of film screenings and educational programs. The Women’s Film Institute is committed to:

WFI-WITH-SPACE1*Fostering, celebrating and advancing women’s leadership in television, virtual reality/gaming, film, and digital platforms.
*Offering free to low-cost screenings, events, workshops, and educational programs to the community, led by educators, activists, professors, and notable figures in the world of media.
*Providing free to low-cost training, mentorship and professional development programs for the next generation of girls.

Women’s Film Institute is a fiscally sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media (IAM), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to independent voices. IAM is a San Francisco-based nonprofit fiscal sponsor organization. Founded in 2000, IAM’s mission is to support independent, non-commercial arts and media projects, as well as producers, for the purpose of building community and civic participation, and facilitating cultural engagement and free expression.

IAM currently provides fiscal sponsorship to over 60 affiliates dedicated to non-commercial work in media and the arts, including publishing, theater, dance, music, visual art, film and video, journalism, history, and public-events production. IAM’s ultimate vision is to strengthen a culture of democracy by cultivating arts and media projects that engage neighbors in civic life. For more information: http://artsandmedia.net


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