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SFWFI_blog_podcast_2015 Subscribe to the WFI podcast and listen to informative, compelling and up close and personal conversations from a diverse selection of writers, directors, producers and content creators. Listen here to the latest interviews:

  • Podcast Episode 1: Filmmaker Abigail Disney shares her passion for documentary filmmaking  – Filmmaker Abigail Disney discusses her latest documentary film Armor of Light & funding opportunities for full-length non-fiction films from her production company, Fork Films.
  • Podcast Episode 2: Podcast Episode 2: Women’s Equality Day with special guest Gloria Allred  – Have you ever wondered what Gloria Allred would do if she were President of the United States? Tune in to find out.
  • Podcast Episode 3: The Art of Securing Funding For Filmmakers – Morrie Warshawski offers some really helpful tips on raising money for filmmakers. Learn how to secure funding for your film from individuals, foundations, and corporations.
  • Podcast Episode 4:  Fernanda Rossi, aka “The Documentary Doctor” – Fernanda discusses story structure and how to organize your footage to develop a compelling story. She shares some really great advice on the art of making a fundraising trailer that attracts funders, and how to pitch your film to agents, networks, studios, and investors.

    Listen here to the latest interviews:

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